Ribble TV is the “Visual Version” of our big sister Ribble FM, Your Local Community Radio station. www.ribblefm.com

Television: noun “a system for converting visual images (with sound) into electrical signals, transmitting them by radio or other means, and displaying them electronically on a screen”

Television is said to reflect what we do in our everyday lives and share it with our communities, the nation and the world. Sadly, it’s becoming increasingly noticeable that we are sharing more and more bad news stories, creating a negative image of the communities we live in.
Here at Ribble TV we want to truly reflect the positives in our communities. To share the best in the people and places we live.
We want to share fantastic events, we want to share stories and news and we want to be your one stop shop for everything that goes on in YOUR community.
On Ribble TV you will be able to watch videos of what has gone on across the Ribble Valley.
Today, more and more people are choosing themselves what they watch and by what means, with the advent of “smart’ tv’s you can watch anything you want, from the comfort of your arm chair via You Tube and not just conventional TV channels.

Ribble TV will start there on social media sites like Facebook and on Youtube.

We want you to get into the habit of checking our page to see what has been going on in the Ribble Valley and maybe even see yourself and your friends and family!

Baby Steps:
Ribble TV is the baby sister of Ribble FM and we will use that analogy to describe our steps.

Like all babies in the infancy Ribble TV will be sleeping a lot, will be making lots of noise when she is awake and her parents will be running around in the background doing everything for her to make her grow in a healthy, steady and successful way.

She’s been born (launched) she has her name and address (Ribble TV and Ribble.TV on You Tube and has her social media homes).
She’s is now being fed with everything she needs to slowly make her grow.
She’s has a website which ribble.tv
She has content, in the form of a few recent videos and this text.
She is now looking for her next stage…

Ribble TV are applying for a Community TV Licence and our final goal is to be on FREE VIEW on your TV.
The Ribble Valley CAN have its own TV station with your support!
We brought you radio, it’s time we brought you TV.

Initially Ribble TV will be You Tube videos of events happening in the Ribble Valley. Shared via our You Tube Channel and on our social media platforms.
We will then move to a weekly news round-up of stories across the Ribble Valley from our studio in the centre of Clitheroe.
Next, we will bring short local programmes, remember the “visual version” of the radio station? We will bring you “Sunday Driver” our Motoring Programming, “It’s Your Business” our Business Programme, Farming and Countryside Matters, “It’s all about you” Our health and wellbeing programme, travel and food programmes too.

We would love business support! Get on board now and you can be with us all the way!

Like the radio station we need sponsors and advertisers for Ribble TV too!

Get in touch email kath@ribble.tv and send YOUR videos of local events to lee@ribble.tv.